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Glorious Park Run this morning!!!

Since returning from our holiday we have run on an indoor running track in our fitness centre which was ok (but hot and sweating) and we had the pool to swim and a lovely hydrotherapy pool to massage aching muscles.However I miss running outdoors so we decided to run in our local park today and it was the best run so far. Yes there are dogs but fortunately today they were all well behaved. It was just lovely running around the lakes and taking in all the scenery and not feeling too hot. We are well and truly off our rugby field and far more adventurous now which has brought a huge sense of achievement and enjoyment to our running. Happy running to you all!!!!

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Hi Mazz...good to hear from you . Sounds like you both had a lovely run . I'm a bit jealous's been two weeks since I ran due to picking up not one ,but two cold/virus thingies when I went to UK...have been back a week now and still not well enough to run...this is the longest I've ever gone without a run and am feeling a bit miffed ( to put it politely ) especially as I got swanky new shoes from a ' proper running shop' and they've only had two outings ....gggrrrrr :(

Anyway , happy running to you and have a fab weekend :)


Hi Carole I hope you start feeling better soon and its good to hear from you too. We have just joined a running group and ran with them for the first time today It certainly helped me to pick up the pace and I almost did 5k running without music It is part of the run England group and it was so good to have a trainer giving us advice and encouragement We were actually put into the intermediate group and tbh I was scared about the pace at the beginning but it eased off here and there The trainer informed us that it is fartlek training and I found it very challenging but in a good way Im still buzzing!!! Im sending you my very best wishes for a speedy recovery and you will soon get back on track when youre feeling better (especially with your new shoes) Ha Ha since cleaning mine for our holiday Im reluctant to run on the rugby field now because I dont want muddy shoes.


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