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Just completed wk 5r1 yes! My right knee&ankle started after r1 on the walk , when I run I don't notice it

Could anybody advise me please , would you say my new trainers from sweatshop are not suitable ? I had gait analyse done and was,told could exchange if not happy with them , but I had this problem before I bought them and am wondering if I've tested them enough after about 2wks ? Also would the insoles they recommended be beneficial?

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Did they give you specially made insoles just for you or?

if so, then if I remember correctly the recomended time for getting adjusted to them is about 4 weeks,

do you use them just in your running shoes? or in the normal shoes aswell?

if specially made for you, where there lot's of stuff done to it? (like did you need to get either side of you a bit higher up (4mm, 6mm etc - that takes time to get used to aswell) for me it took about a month - and the pain before was from knee to hip - its much much better now:)

sometimes the insoles needs a little fine adjusting too - and then they are sent back to the "factory" for a little fix (sorry am not english and haven't had my coffie this morning:)

but from most stores that do that kind of things - you are always welcome with questions and problems - give them a call or pay them a little visit to chat:)


Thanks for your reply , I didn't purchase the insoles , don't know if specially made for me either . I put my foot on this sponge thing in the store , don't know if that had anything to do whith the insoles or not .


hmmm was that the whole gait check they gave you? they didn't check if you have difference in lengh between your feets? or the pronation of your foot?:) If not, then honestly I'd go to someone who does that and see what they say and want to do:)


Hi , no they had me running on treadmill , took photos , n video , put feet on sponge thingy and had me running up& down shop in the trainers .


hi again:) okei that sounds good and legit:) may I ask what the outcome was? have you talked to them yet or:)


I slightly over pronate on right foot , haven't been back to shop because pains seem to have gone , done a run today & was pain free


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