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First run after a stinking cold laid me low for two weeks

I got up this morning and thought that it might be time to start running again, having stopped while I nursed a stinking cold. I still have some residual phlegm which is making me cough, but I thought I would risk it. I wasn't sure whether to pick it up where I left off (my last run was Week 5 Run 1, so I was due to do the second run of week 5), or to repeat my last run, on the basis that I'm working up to Week 5 Run 3 and I have not only not run for two weeks, but I've felt pretty weak. I decided to go for it and do Week 5 Run 2 anyway on the basis that you shouldn't really lose fitness in two weeks. And I did it! The first 8 min run was fine and I was impatient for the 5 min walk to finish so that I could do the second one. However, my legs felt a bit like jelly about a minute in. I kept going (I was going fairly slowly) and I ran through it and began to feel better again. When Laura told me that I only had a minute left I decided that I would push myself for the last 30s or so and so, when I judged I was about half way through my final minute, I stepped it up a bit. After all, that's how you build fitness, right? Anyway, I think I must have judged it about right as I felt very slightly sick at the end of it, but I was perfectly able to do my 5 min warm-down walk. But the thing that amazed me most was that running did not set off my cough. Result!

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Sounds like a great return after your break - I've also been unable to run for the last two weeks due to calf pain. Just about ready to get out there again - part of me feels quite nervous, like I might have completely forgotten how to run or be back to square one, but your post has given me hope, so thanks!


It is quite reassuring to know that you don't lose fitness as quickly as you gain it! I haven't run again today because for the last couple of days I've felt like I just want to be asleep in bed and my legs have been a bit like jelly. Think I still have a little way to go before I'm completely over my cold, but I've got my 'flu jab tomorrow so I'm hoping I'm nearly there! Good luck with your run!


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