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thumbs up for the 5k+ stamina podcast

I used this podcast tonight for the first time, and although i found it hard to stick to the rythmn as i had in the speed podcast, and i'm not so sure i was going as fast as i should for the last 5 minutes it really helped to push me on through feeling like i was shattered and couldn't go any further to actually completing it, and breaking 6k for the first time. I felt such a sense of achievement and really buoyed me up after a not so good 2nd park run on Saturday. I had a stitch all the way round and brisk walked for about 10 seconds so was 7 secs. slower than the 1st time. It also helped me realise that i'm far too hard on myself sometimes and am actually doing quite well to say i couldn't even run up my street a few months back. Ok my pat on the back is finished.

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You may have made me want to retry stamina again! Although it is a little faster than my own playlist!

Well done to you!


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