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I don't understand all the statistics but love reading my parkrun results!

I ran my 2nd parkrun yesterday and somehow ran 1min 28 secs faster than my first attempt so I'm very pleased. However I have to say that I think it's fab that parkrun send you an email with a general breakdown of your performance. I am not in competition with anyone but myself but on the other hand it is good to have a rough idea how you compare to others in your age category etc.

On a slightly disappointing note, there is regularly over 400 runners at my parkrun (scary) and I am the only one who has registered their running club as NHSC25K!

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I've just registered for my local park run to give me a graduation challenge - are they as friendly as the appear to be on the web?


Our parkrun is brilliant - very friendly and supportive. A social event where you run. Or support. Check if yours has a facebook page.


Hi Mummystar, I have to say that my local parkrun is very friendly despite the large numbers and they are very suppotive of new runners of all abilities.

As I didn't know what to expect on a parkrun I started off as a volunteer and really enjoyed the experience. It's also a great way to get a feel for the event.


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