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10km - 59 mins - difficult run


Hi all!

I was meant to run 14km this morning as my last long run before next Sunday's half marathon but didn't manage it.

The forecast was for heavy rain even though when I left home it was fine, but I wore my jacket anyway. My jacket has a removable hood so I had that stored in my waist belt.

I decided to run to a larger park which is 2km away, I don't go to this park that often so I thought I was run around it for 10km and then run home to get my total of 14km.

My legs were a bit heavy to start of with and this is a result of last weeks training half marathon, hopefully I'll be back to 100% by next weeks race.

I ran the first 3 kms at 5:30 min per km pace but then slowed a little as the legs got heavy. The rain then started to pour down and the wind picked up so it was hard to keep up the pace, I stopped and put on my hood and I decided to stick to 6 min per km pace and kept that up for the next 6 kms.

At about 8kms my stomach started to feel a bit tender and I realised needed a no. 2! I kept going for 2 more kms and then decided I wouldn't be able to run the next 4km so I stopped and walked back home. This is the first time it has happened to me buy I know it has happened to other forumites so I'm not worrying too much. Hopefully I've got it out of my system :-) and it won't happen again next week.

I'll be running three 5kms before next Sunday and will keep them all easy to make sure I have plenty of energy for the half marathon.

Here is a link to my run:


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Hey, well done Aftabs, I am sure that your body was telling you something and I am not surprised that you still feel the effects of the HM last week. Your training seems to have been meticulous in its detail and today was just one of those "bad" runs (that's NOT a pun), so we all have great faith and hope in your HM next week. We'll be rooting for you. Good luck.

AftabsGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks Tim/Ian (still not sure what to call you!). I am hoping by going easy this week I'll be in good shape to take a few minutes off last weeks HM time. I'm not worrying about today's run because I knew it would happen at some stage.


You did the right thing by stopping Aftabs. I've learnt the hard way never to try to ignore the call of nature when out running! At least you've got your bad run out of the way - all system's go now for next week X

AftabsGraduate in reply to Saruma



Exit stage left, pursued by the bear in the woods!! It happens to all of us. And 59 mins for 10K is a very respectable time.

AftabsGraduate in reply to OldNed

Thanks, I am happy with the time all things considered.

Most impressive!

Quick question (or rather 3) for you - how do you set your pace? Do you use an app? And is it then easy to change part way round?

AftabsGraduate in reply to runningnearbeirut

Thanks! I have a Garmin Forerunner 610 and that has many options including setting a target pace in several ways. I set up a custom workout for today's run, which had a target pace per km between 5 and 6 mins. If I was faster or slower the watch vibrated and gave an alert on screen to tell me to slow/speed up. You can't readjust it while running, but if you want a more complex workout you can set it up. So you could have an interval session with say 800m at 4:30min/km pace and then 200m at 10min/km pace and repeat that 5 times.

However it is a pricey piece of kit and there are cheaper Garmin watches out there. This was a graduation present to myself.


Aftab, thanks for your post on my forum. Good to know you practice what you preach lolll. Still, one has to listen to their body - you have a mega important Half Marathon coming up. One thing I have noticed in your posts is that you are extremely focused and meticulous in your planning as IannodaTruffe has rightly pointed out. We have no doubt you will have a successful run next week. Very respectable time indeed. M

AftabsGraduate in reply to mhussain

Thanks Mohson! I think planning has always been in my personality and my friends will say sometimes to the detriment of being spontaneous! However I still think I am at the beginning of my running journey so I try to make achievable but stretch targets to keep improving. I feel if I don't stick to it there is always a risk I'll slip back into my bad old habits which is why I try and be disciplined with my runs.


Am well impressed Aftabs, might be slow for you but I would be well pleased with that time.

AftabsGraduate in reply to Burstcouch



You will be fine next week - you should be tapering anyway - so count this as a recovery tapering run :-) Also on the loo front - allow time next week for nature to do its job.....and make use of the available porta loos - or any convenience along the way :-)

Good Luck :-)

AftabsGraduate in reply to suzybenj

Thanks that is a good way to look at it. Regarding tapering I am running shorter distances and slower now, to ensure I have the energy for the HM. It is difficult though because mentally you have to hold yourself back.

Also I had my breakfast two hours before my run, but I think I will eat breakfast on the day 3 hours before just to make sure my stomach is empty when I run.


Well done Aftab, I do admire your meticulous approach to training. As for the no 2 problem, hopefully it won't happen mid-race but I thought on one race that I would have to take a diversion to "make like a bear in the woods" but slowing down for a short while averted the problem. It doesn't have to be a disaster ! Best of luck next week :-)

AftabsGraduate in reply to sfb350

Thanks! I will use that advice if it ever happens again!


you did the right thing by stopping....you must rest before your HM, you have done all the training to get there...rest and let those muscles mend!! well done on your progress...

AftabsGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks! Means a lot coming from the mighty JJ!

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Aftabs

You are Bionic man...... You are just going to love the experience, just allow your body to repair and rest....

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