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Finished week 3! Planter fasciitis notwithstanding!

Hi everyone, thanks for your encouraging posts yesterday. I was cross with myself, it was raining, foot hurt, reverted to pre C25K behaviour of opening bottle of wine and retreating to the sofa instead of doing my planned run. Although it did give me time to do lots of "work" on the PF, it's a demanding condition!

I was determined this morning to do the run and I have just returned. I have discovered I love running in the rain and through puddles - who knew! A big thank you to the cyclist with a golden retriever (on a lead) who gave me a massive encouraging smile and to the beautiful rainbow over the sea which reminded me what it's all about. Tired but happy...

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Well done! Knew you could do it! I 'rested' with PF for 4 months and it didn't help...I just get on with it now! Running in the rain is so liberating...congrats and happy running :)


Thank you so much, it's so encouraging to know that other people are running with it, i was so disappointed that i might have to stop now that i've found an exercise i really want to do. i've ordered a boot to sleep in from the internet and i know i just have to really work on getting it better, managed to get rid of it in right foot, left foot is being stubborn though. I'm determined not to give up now!


Good to hear, lets not let it beat us! Keep us all posted on your progress :)


Well done for not letting it get to you! I suffered with PF for years when I was dancing. It was a nightmare but I just used to dance on it anyway as it never got any better. I did find that a gel heel lift every day really helped - it shortens the stretch of the ligament and gives some relief. Here's to more rainbows! :-)


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