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Challenge one box ticked.. Next!

I set myself a goal for a couple of weeks running to be able to run home from work, I had no idea how the route was or how long it was or how long it would take me, but I was determined!

I don't often finish early enough to do it so I took the opportunity yesterday and set off using my bluefin app(another amazing one!).

It was a tough old slog up hills and back down them and to keep going and I'd left an element of flexibility in it to jump on a bus half way if I'd had enough.

Once I knew I was roughly half way home though I just kept going with my playlist and I did it 5.70km in around 48 ish minutes up hills and with a big ish bag on my back!! So pleased even if my legs wouldn't function after!

Everyone at work kept looking at me like I was nuts and saying how brave I was and like I wouldn't do it, I thought of their comments while I ran and it kind of kept me going and challenged me more and also thought how I'll be the fitter one out of them!!

Now to think of the next challenge to keep me going and to try and do that occasionally!

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An inspiring post. Having a goal is much the best motivator - along with surprising people! Well done you.


Nice one ... Well done you! :) yep, there's nothing like a group of people saying you can't do something to inspire you to prove them all wrong ... Great goal-setting ;) Linda


Well done! I agree that having a target is a great motivator - just wish I'd realised that a few decades ago :-)

Running with big bag on back is especially impressive - we have a lot of posts here about carrying essentials - phone, keys etc but all your work stuff? Let us know what your next challenge is!


Yeah it was only my first time doing it and it was my only solution at the time to have the bag on my back, probably looked more of a twit but who cares!

No idea what little challenge I can do yet, any clues let me know! I have also run in the dark when boyfriend said no...


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