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Graduation on holiday in France

I've done it, today I ran run 3 of week 9 in the beautiful surroundings of the French Pyrenee's whilst holidaying with friends. It's been such a wonderful experience to complete the programme in such an amazing setting. One of my runs was quite challenging as it took me via road (I usually run on grass) and also up and down hills - I ached like mad the following day. However, the scenery took my mind off things and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed all three runs. I was also able to run in the mornings which helped as my energy levels seemed much better than running after work as I do in the UK.

My calves are developing a nice shape (they've always been straight up and down!) and my general stamina has vastly improved.

Onwards and upwards! :)

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Congratulations - and what a great place to complete the programme. I love the Pyrenees and am lucky to live close by - both sides (French & Spanish) are spectacular.


Thank you Landesman, you are indeed very lucky it's a beautiful part of the world and, as you say, a great place to complete the programme. I truly believe that without the support of this forum I would have struggled much more than I have. It's been a great journey (tough at times) but this is just the beginning!


Congratulations. I bet you won't forget your graduation run in such lovely surroundings. As you say, this is just the beginning!


Well done and in such a fantastic place as well! There's no stopping now......on to 10km???


Thank you susan22 and Tessietwo - I think that I'll just work on getting comfortable running for 30 mins (I only cover about 4k) before I start to push myself further. 10k is probably a long way away!


Congratulations ! How lovely to have such a memorable graduation run. I am fortunate to live in the Charente and all my runs are in gorgeous surroundings with great views.

Well done and good luck with your future running wherever you are :)


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