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Repeat or continue

Yes completed wk5 run 3 , having never liked anythink to do with fitness before I am really pleased with myself.

Having completed the 20min run slowly but done it should I repeat wk5 or continue on to wk6 as at the end of the pod Laura talks about repeating it ?

Love the plan and enjoy running along a old airfield with my dog and the wind turbines and sometimes the cows allows me to switch off from all the chores.

Biggest tip would be to others is just take the podcast as and when your doin it not look ahead through them as I think this creates a mental fear and puts a barrier up before you start.

Thought of horror when heard Laura said 20 min run today but just got on with it and let her guide me, then when she told me we had done 5min sunk a bit but got on with it , then she was telling me to slow down to my walk.

Loving it , gonna get treadmill for the winter, don't mind the cold but not the wet.

keep on running :-}}}}}

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I won't repeat what I said when Laura said to run for 20 minutes! But I did it (slowly) and so did you! So, week 6 next.

Go on, you can do it even if you feel it's slow!


Try for week 6. If you can't manage the first you can always repeat the rest of week 5 instead and then have another go. Ever onwards is my best advice.


I too completed Run 3 Week 5 today and I am going for it! My son has challenged me to do a Park Run with him in 6 days time and I have never turned down a challenge from that boy... It will coincide with Run 3 of Week 6 so I will run 25 minutes and walk the rest and see how I do. I know this is not supposed to be about competition but a challenge does help!


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