Interview over

Well I just went and did it! I had a major interview today. I even used becoming a runner an example of my determination and of a way of handling stress. And I got the job! Couldn't go for a run tonight - but will fit in a celebration run tomorrow! Thank you for all the advice and good wishes.

Juicyju, I clutched my water bottle tight and used it wisely to buy thinking time.

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  • Well done you

  • Thank you. I put my increased confidence down to completing the c25k program when I never dreamed I could do it!

  • Well done!

    That's awesome! I've applied for a job for a company that's already interviewed me, hopefully they want to see me a again! (Different job role this time and only didn't get other job due to my answers not being in depth!)

  • Wishing you lots of luck. This marks a big jump for me - but if I can run nearly 5k - I can tackle anything! So can you!

  • Congratulations. Hope you enjoy your new job :)

  • Many congratulations! Amazing how that increased confidence pays off in all sorts of areas, isn't it? Best wishes for your future in the job.

  • Excellent, well done you! Another example of how running really does change your life.

  • Wow! That's amazing. I would never have thought of applying C25K like that. Congratulations!

  • That's fantastic, congrats!

  • Superb. I'm looking for work too, so I'll slip in the new running 'me' into any interview.

  • WELL DONE! I am really pleased for you! All these indirect improvements to our lives - fantastic!

  • Fantastic! well done on the new job :)

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