New kit in my park!

New kit in my park!

Look at this! I have been watching the footings being laid - and now THIS! Excellent or what?

I set off this morning to do a Stamina session and tried to tweak the volume but only managed to switch to another track. So, hmmm, lost Stamina for last section and now I am listening to Week 9 and Julie! Oh Joy! Unable to get back to the correct part of Stamina I simply had to go with the flow and ran to Julie. My reward for that was to have a go on the new gym equipment. YAY!

My cool down walk was too tempting and I had to run it. Yes, me - running uphill. Wonders never cease. And the feeling now is very pleasant. Not easy to describe other than an exceedingly good way to be feeling!


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  • awesome:D

  • That looks amazing!

  • I know! It will be much better for doing Stretch and Flexibility than using the little ones play park! I am really, really pleased!

  • Good old Julie - I got an unexpected burst of her yesterday morning when I mistakenly played the contents of my phone instead of my carefully constructed playlist! That equipment looks fun though I confess I wouldn't know what to do with most of it!

  • It was strangely comforting to listen to Julie again! I too am not sure how to use some of the kit. I found that the cycle pedals were too stiff to turn. People have been standing on the seats with their muddy shoes on so a cushion wouldn't go amiss! Still - I am going to use it to try and tone my bat wing arms (I think you call them that!)

  • I wouldn't have much of a clue of what to do either. Are there any instructions around? Such a great idea though. And I have to say that while I've never tried Stretch and Flexibility, I can imagine I would feel a bit less self-conscious if I was using this kind of kit.

  • It has a pictogram of what to do with it on each piece. I started off doing S&F as well as C25K and regret letting it lapse. I felt a bit of a wally using the little ones play frames to do it on! This kit is far better so I intend picking up on S&F from now on! I'm sure it prevented a lot of aches in the early days.

  • We have some kit very like that in the park I mostly run in; it's very well used and still in good order after several years. I don't use it often but I do use it & it makes a good counterpoint to running.

  • Yes, it is certainly pretty robust! I am looking forward to using it.

  • I love that stuff. I always finish off my run with 12-15 min on the machines. I have been doing that for 10 weeks now 3 times a week and I think I can see the difference. It would be difficult to know what the running is toning and what the machines are doing. But it all goes towards my calorie count so I am happy. Also it gives me a nice time to reflect on the run.

  • I had a tentative go yesterday after my run and feel it would be useful to tone my upper body. I didn't use the ski machine because my legs had already had a really good workout! Only problem yesterday was that there was a very cold wind and my clothes were wet so I didn't want to get too chilled. I am chuffed to bits though to have them there!

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