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Gah, lower back strain. Happened the day after a run, but can running make you more prone to back problems?

Managed my first 5k in just over 37 mins on Tuesday, felt great afterwards, but hurt my back on Wednesday lifting my daughter awkwardly into the bath. I've never had back problems before - could it be connected to the running? I haven't run since, but might give it a go tonight, just a slow easy pace.

Thinking about it, I took a new route on Tuesday which included running down a great little (but steep) hill. Could this have something to do with it?

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I doubt it is the running, you said you lifted your daughter awkwardly which is more likely what it is. Be very careful how you lift things from now on - bend at the knees and not at the back.

I have had a dodgy disc which I first slipped 20+years ago and have to say that doing c25k has not caused it any problems. I am very mindful of the problems the back can cause me and therefore whilst I am enjoying running for 30 mins or a bit longer to get to my 5k I am not prepared to push further in case that is too much.

Perhaps find some stretches which include the back for the moment.


It could be that you need to work on your core. I have problems with my back every now and then and realised I really need to work on my core strength and not just my legs. I'm now doing other exercises and yoga which really seems to be helping. Hope your back feels better soon!


I agree with c4ts; it's very unlikely to be the running which has predisposed you to a back problem. I also had a dodgy disk (slipped some 30+ years ago) which got a LOT worse over the years & eventually reduced me to walking with a stick. A chiropractor straightened me out (quite literally; my back was twisted) and I now go for a maintenance tweak every 4 months. But I have no back problems at all with running (and regularly do 10K), and that is from someone who had a very serious and long-standing back problem. Hope yours improves soon but if not it may be worth seeing a chiropractor.

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Thanks all, I went on a run this morning and it felt ok, just a bit achey still this evening. I will definitely look at some core strength exercises, as currently running is really the only regular exercise I do. Might try the strength and flexibility podcasts.


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