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Back to running today after 2 weeks coughing .... hope to lose the gremlins!

Well, after getting a sore throat and cough, I am finally starting to feel better. The cough is pretty much gone now, and after running around with my daughter on the beach I felt fine. It was only for about 10 minutes messing around but gave me confidence.

I am a great procrastinator, so I feel MUST run today, or will keep putting it off. I reached wk8 after repeating wk7 twice, and was really disappointed that I had to rest. I plan to run for 20 minutes, all in one if my breathing is ok, or as 2 x 10 min if I feel I need a break in the middle.

Now I am posting here to encourage myself to get out there. The colder weather doesn't bother me, but I am having gremlin trouble. I'd just managed to get rid of them, then was ill! Hope I can lose them again on my way round (they are currently whispering in my ear that running is hard!) Pesky gremlins! :)

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Go and run arablue and enjoy it!! Look forward to reading how it went :)


Glad your feeling better and getting back on track! Looking forward to a successful blog posting! :-) Gayle


Hope you kicked those gremlins to the kerb, arablue! You can do it!


Ahhhh! Arablue-those pesky bugs! I too have had the cold/cough/sore throat that is running like a virus on the blog site. I don't feel so bad now you say it has taken you 2 weeks to recover. I'm 6 days in, and still feeling wobbly-the cough is dying down, only 2 bouts during the night, so got more sleep.

I think I may wait until Wednesday before running.

Hope you manage your week 7 runs ok arablue. Sensible to break it down though.

Good luck :-) Let us know how you got on.


Still no running..... By the time I got back from visiting my sister then doing the shopping, my throat already hurt from the coughing. I decided I would be pushing my luck with running as well!

No time today, hope for a better day tomorrow. In the back of my mind I know you guys will be wondering if I ran or not, which will give me added motivation!!


I did it. I had a day off and the rain went away, so I got on my running gear, did lots of stretches and off I went. I managed to do 2 x 10 minutes. After the first 10 minutes I felt a little nauseous, which soon passed. I decided I could do another 10 after 5 minutes walking. The last minute or so was tough, but I made it.

I felt pretty exhausted and slightly sick, but again that passed quickly and I walked up the hill which is my cool down on the way home with no problem. It was really good to get out there again!!


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