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Gutted - I think the virus is winning :(

So after posting a few days ago that I was kicking the butt of the dreaded virus I've had, I think it snapped back and kicked me in the butt :( So disappointed as not been out since the beginning of the week, but even I know it's probably not a good idea to go running when feeling dizzy.

What's even worse, my body does not like me to laze around. I have fybromyalgia and the best thing for me is to keep exercising (within reason) otherwise I ache like hell. So right now, feeling proper sorry for myself and trying to sum up enough energy to do the jobs I need to.

However, it always cheers me up to see how well other people are doing and celebrating their achievements. It is such a good feeling when you get going and realise that you can do it. Keep going everyone, I'm sure I'll be back out there soon enough to be able to hit more of my targets and celebrate along with you :)

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Sometimes you just have to give in and let your body tell you when it's time to go again. Poor you :-( Get Well Soon.


Get well soon. I am sure it won't be long till your out there again. Rest up.


Hope you soon feel better. Can you get some funny dvds to watch while you're recuperating? They say laughter is a good workout...


You have loads of sympathy from me - I can totally relate to your frustration.

I've been on and off running since July, what with one health problem or another. It's especially rubbish when you're actually trying to do something positive for your body...only for it to protest and refuse to co-operate, isn't it?

I'm rubbish at taking my own advice, but all I can say is rest now will pay dividends in the long run and you'll be back to running properly much sooner than if you push on while you're not 100%.

Hope you're back on form very soon.xx


thank you folks for your kind words. It's absolutely miserable outside where I am, kind of matches my mood :P

Going to be making lots of healthy soup today and yes, watching something funny is a very good idea annasee! Just need to keep my eyes open lol!

Back to it sometime next week I hope, fingers and toes crossed x


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