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Week4Run2 - Tense shoulders!

After an extra rest day, i have completed the 2nd run of this week, and i must say i am beginning to enjoy it! I can see myself improving week on week, and taking note of what my body is telling me, the final 5 min run was touch but by slowing down, looking at a tree in the distance and aiming to get to it, then finding another one i managed it again. Rest day tomorrow and the final run on Saturday. The only thing i am finding is i am getting tense in my shoulders when i run - any tips?

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Think about your posture when you are running (which coinicentally is an excellent distraction technique from the searing pain in your lungs) try to get your back straight and bring your shoulders back a little. Your tension could be coming from being slouched forward. If you correct your posture you will also allow your lungs to inflate better too. Win win!!


Definitely your posture. Keep your arms at your side, elbows at 90 degrees, hands relaxed, head up looking forward.

Well done so far - great tactic to aim for something to push yourself just that little bit further. :-)


I get a pain in my left shoulder sometimes, and it's probably due to tension or not keeping my arms properly at my sides. Technique tends to go downhill when I get tired, so I try to shake out my arms every now and then and remind myself of the right way to use them. I am running week 4 run 3 with my daughter today, it's still a toughie second time round! Good luck with it all.


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