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W5 R3!!!!!!

I can't believe I have just run for a solid 20 mins! The icing on the cake is that my shins do not hurt at all...I presume that the stopping and starting isn't good for them.

My running weeks are out on sync with the 'calendar' weeks...I drank far too much Jack Daniels on Saturday night and was in no fit state to run on Sunday!

On another note, has anybody who runs with their dog found it more difficult to take them with you went the runs get longer? Every time he found something to sniff, it really out me off my stride and I lost my rhythm.


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Congratulations! :)


thats brill! well done!

(just snorted into my tea when i saw that one of your tags is 'the runs'! :) )


Congrats on doing the 20 minutes, it is such an amazing achievement!


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