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Rollin' but still not rockin'

Hey all,

been a while since my last post and I'm still not back to running. Was in Haworth the other day with the little fella in a baby carrier strapped to my back and walked up the steep main street fine, but on the way down I felt that now familiar weakness and tenderness in the calf.

Off to the doc's on Friday to see if maybe a bit of physio may help and have finally got round to buying a foam roller. Must admit I didn't realise how big they are, thought they were only rolling pin size lol.

Missing my running so much, it could be hard getting motivated to get out, but when you're grounded with injury watching people out running in the mellow autumn weather you soon get itchy feet I can tell you.

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Sorry to read that you're still having calf trouble, after giving you advice a few weeks ago I tweaked my calf again at parkrun - gah, it's so easily done once you've had an injury isn't it? So I'm hankering after a run too, hope we're both up and out there soon, gently and very carefully of course. How are you finding the foam roller? I keep meaning to get one.


Not had much of a chance to use roller yet as only bought it today, but hoping it will live up to the hype, will let you know. Sorry to hear about your injury giving you grief, aren't we a pair lol


The main street in Howarth is one heck of a long and steep one! Sorry you are still not 100% but be kind to yourself (and drive to the top next time!)

Hope you are a lot better soon


Yeah tis fairly steep and prob put too much pressure on injury coming down. Ah well I'll get a piggy back next time ;)


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