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Still waiting but not patiently

Well, I still have those wretched shin splints. I have taken the decision* not to run at all for 4 weeks, am 1 1/2 weeks through that (yes, I AM counting the minutes). It's boring and frustrating - and I can't believe that I, a dedicated non-runner until 4 months ago, am desperate to get going again. I am trying to maintain my fitness by doing some exercise biking most days, doing a long swim every week, and doing my usual core stability, strength and flex, and aqua fit. The swimming's lovely, I am surprising myself with how much stamina I've gained with doing C25k, but the exercise biking is very, very tedious. (I do have a real bike but it's horrendously hilly round here and anyway I have a wrecked tyre). I'm doing my shin splint remedial exercises twice a day, RICE, etc. Went to get a gait analysis done but the running shop was shut and anyway it's a bit theoretical at the moment.

Everyone tells me it WILL get better so I am being positive. The good thing is I am continuing to lose weight (25 lbs and counting) so I must be doing something right!

In the meantime it's great to see all the new runners starting C25k and moving up towards graduation. Even though I'm currently not running I get a lot of positives (and entertainment) from people in this community! Thanks, guys, you're fab!

*as advised by quite a few people, on here and elsewhere.

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Soozz, I'm really sorry you are laid out like this and am full of admiration for all the sporty things you are doing instead of running. Well done for the weight loss too!

A month will soon pass and I bet you won't have lost any of your hard gained fitness. xox delia


You are doing really well with the cross training and your weight loss! It's so frustrating not being able to run but you are doing the right thing, hang in there!


Having missed several runs due to injury/illness, I do sympathize ! It's very frustrating but the exercises you are doing will help you get back into it quickly once the four weeks are over. I think you might be better to wait until you are a lot more pain-free before going for gait analysis - I'd imagine that the pain of running with shin-splints might alter your gait.

I'm going into hospital for a minor op on Friday and I'm already fretting about how many runs I'll miss and wondering if I'll feel up to sneaking into the gym for a gentle session on the treadmill.... ;-)

Wishing you a speedy recovery :-)


I had to give up for shin splints as well - i gave it a good 3 months in the end (with a couple of runs inbetween that set me back!) i just completed the whole course again - still have the twinges but nothing like i did before - i concentrated on strengthening my core, i wore support bandges when it felt weak but it is still do able - just rest rest rest and dont be tempted to push it too soon - remember that you will find it easier to get back to fitness having done it once now x


Well done Soozz in being patient and sticking in there with your active lifestyle, I know it's horrible to have your wings clipped but I'm sure you'll get back in good time. Best wishes to you. :-)


Thanks for all your lovely comments. As TheTerminator says, "I'll be back" !


Hi Soozz. I haven't been around recently (work and life keeping me far too busy) but just noticed your post. Sorry to hear you're still on enforced rest. I think it's the most frustrating thing, especially when you've got all the way to graduation. Let me know when you get going again and I will join you, so we can motivate each other. Great news on the weight loss. :) I think when I started work I had finally hit that magic stage that someone posted about, where the weight starts to 'drop off' (muscle mass meaning faster metabolism perhaps?), as I kept on losing pounds despite not running and not logging on mfp. A few weeks later and the weight is threatening to creep back on, so I guess it really is time to get back into it properly.

I've just had 3 days off work and had planned on running a couple of times, although I'm still feeling a bit chesty after the flu. I set myself a huge task of reorganising and tidying the house while I'm 'off work' in preparation for Christmas and just haven't managed to have a run yet. However, part of my reorganisation has involved moving the treadmill to the back room where I can have a nice view of the garden (rain or shine!) when I'm running. Doing so has made me really want to get on the treadmill now! Hopefully later, once I've cleared up a bit more of the mess I've created (tidying up always seems to make more mess!!), I will finally fit in a run.

Take care of yourself and well done for finding other ways to keep active while you rest those shins.


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