Could you recommend a gadget?

I am very nearly there on my C25K. I started week 7 today. I promised myself when i started that once I had run my first 5K i would buy a sports watch or a Garmin, or something. I would like to be able to see how far I have run, how many calories i have burned, how much of a difference it makes when I run harder. Can anyone recommend anything (or recommend against anything). The word 'Garmin' keeps coming up, and then today a post about a fitbit flex wristband??? I am quite baffled...


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  • I have a Garmin Forerunner 110 and absolutely love it. Bought one following a recommendation on here! It is great for giving you lots of stats and for comparing runs - nothing better than seeing a load of data showing you how you are improving! Would definitely recommend it.

  • I've also got a GarminForerunner 110. I also love it and I'm still discovering the amazing things it can do. I bought mine from Amazon as a graduation present - the price was better than anywhere else - though I think Tescos online are now coming out with great prices.

    Yes, I saw that post about a fitbit flex - wondered what it was ;)

    Cheers, Linda

  • Would be a be a bit more expensive than the 110, but the next generation Garmin are due out soon. I'd love the 620 myself (Santa won't be so generous, only had the 610 since July and it's still a good device), but the 220 should be a massive improvement over the 210 (which I learned to hate)

  • I did exactly the same when I did the programme. I went for the 410 which has more features. I couldn't be without it now.

  • I went for a Garmin FR10 (fab watch, without a HR monitor, which I thought I wouldn't use...)

    I trialled a Jawbone activity tracker (sold in Apple stores) for 2 weeks, but I took it back for a refund. I don't think activity trackers are up to the job yet - they are great motivators to get you off the couch, but if you are near the end of C25K, you are already used to pushing yourself to exercise, so apart from the novelty factor at the beginning, I found it to be a bit of a waste of time.

    Google DC Rainmaker for excellent watch reviews...

  • I just downloaded the run keeper on my iPhone. It was free too :)

  • Another Garmin 110 user here - great bit of kit, used it for nearly a year now and it only lets me down when I forget to press the button! My only gripe is that it gives average pace rather than current pace readings while you run!

    The Jawbone / Fitbit Flex seem like great devices but I'm not too sure how they work - I don't think they have a GPS chip inside (although I could be wrong) so even though it says it tracks your movement, I think thats only when it's synced with the Jawbone smartphone app and it uses a phone to track GPS... if that is the case, you're better off doing what Emsymum said & grabbing runkeeper or similar from the appstore for free!

    I used my iPhone for a 6 or 7 months before getting a Garmin. I never felt too comfortable out running with an iPhone on my arm. I was always worried about it snagging on a branch and ripping off, or me falling over and breaking it.

    Besides, the watch is a dedicated piece of equipment for just that... does one thing and does it well :)

  • I just use my iPhone with Runkeeper too - lanyard round my neck as I've not found a suitable armband

    Have watched relatives fussing with their Garmins too much.... (I also have trouble with that sort of wrist strap)

  • Most new phones have gps capabilities, so you can download an app from iTunes, which are free Nike do a brilliant app for Ipod or iPhone or any other. However saying that I recently purchased a nice and light piece of kit from Philips, Activa gadget (£29) which has loads of motivation intuitive instructions which encourages and monitors your progress. This has many functionalities its light and can be strapped to leg or arm. Programmes on cycling, walking and jogging. You can also see your progress through their interactive software for those who use pc only. This is the only downside for me as I only use Mac os

  • Just bought myself a secondhand Garmin Forerunner 305 from ebay and find it very useful for tracking my runs and trying to keep a steady pace (something I have struggled with on the longer runs of c25k). It is also very easy to use.

  • Garmin forerunner 110, which I got from Tesco when they were doing a special offer which donated a fiver (I think) to Run for life.... it's pink, which is useful because my sons don't pinch it!

  • I also bought a Garmin forerunner 110 when I graduated as a graduation present, even though I really had it to use on my final run. I wore it for every run I did afterwards and loving it! That is one of the best buys ever and highly recommend it! It came with the heart rate monitor but I have never used it. Like you, I asked the fellow runners what to buy before buying it and Garmin was one that most of them recommended. Good luck to you for 'graduation buy' and also for your runs!!

  • I love my fitbit.

  • Rundouble app for Android. Not a gadget but it does great with pace, distance and encouraging little remarks. Letting me know how my pace is, how long I have during the interval left - etc. My own music plays in the background, and the goes quiet for the voice. Love it!

    The calories calculated seem low to other apps, but actually I think are quite accurate!

  • I have a Nike + which I love. it gives me everything I need:- Pace, average pace, distance, run time, time and calories. I got it second hand for £50 from a friend who's son didn't use his Christmas present

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