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Back on track

Well, one very spoilt little lady had a fantastic birthday, and loads of cuddles from grandpa, and so many presents!

And I got my game-face back on and went out for the last run of week 8, determined to crack the 'bleurgh' that I've been feeling for the last few days.

I think that the bit of a rest earlier in the week must have been good for me in some way, as I managed slightly more than the 28 minutes, and I was definitely going at a faster pace than usual, because I managed a full extra circuit of the tennis courts :)

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Well done! And well done for getting through everything too, emotionally and physically. As the song says, "Things can only get better". I must say running is definitely a good morale-booster once you start to feel that you are getting the hang of it. I think conquering the longer runs (the ones I NEVER thought I would manage at the beginning of this plan) has really improved my confidence. The extra energy I'm feeling is a welcome plus, and I'm sure it will come in useful for you if you have a young one to wait on. They have so much energy, seems a shame they can't share it around instead of wasting it all on themselves. They don't even have housework to do! Good luck with getting to the end of week 9, won't be long now!


Thanks :) This particular 2 year old can help with the housework now though, she got her own little 'Henrietta' hoover as one of her birthday presents! She also loves to help daddy bake, and another friend bought her some lovely cookie cutters :) Mostly though, she now has what seems to be the *entire* duplo collection, and pretty much all of the Disney Brave merchandise that relates to Merida, because she's obsessed with that film!

I have to admit, one of the things that I'm thanking the running for is that I now have the energy to keep up with her when she runs off to investigate All The Things!


Impossible to have the entire duplo collection, there will always be more to add next birthday or Christmas...;-) .I remember almost panicking about birthdays when our daughter was around 6 or 7 years as there just seemed to be so much "stuff" coming into the house, i couldn't think where to put it all! And particularly since girls tend to get more "crafty" things which are great, and they love them, but always need someone to help them do the activities, so it means more work for you, as well as more cleaning up. However it's all good fun, and now you are newly energised from running it will be even more enjoyable ;-)


Glad to hear things went well. Good luck with W8R3 & as for W9 bring it on.


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