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Another first - with a hangover!

I did my second run of week 9 this morning at 7am and it was another first. With a hangover. And I just got on and did it - saying just enjoy being out in this beautiful morning - and it was a much better way to start the day that just moping about saying 'I don't really feel well'. Time was OK and I am wondering how to finish on Weds (next planned run) - I think I will stick to routine and then I can branch out afterwards.

Hangover was the result of lovely friends cooking me a 'surprise' birthday supper. I supplied homemade homegrown tomato soup, Big G fabulous steak and ale pies (all Big G in size so we have fab steak and ale pie for tea today too!) and then a lovely chocolate souffle by the Adorable One. I felt proper spoilt! No wonder I was a bit slower but such a lovely way to finish the birthday week. Hangover not caused by excessive drinking just by being that tricky age for drinking....sigh!

Fitbit told me that calories IN were more than calories OUT!

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Well done for getting run 2 done, with hangover. I know what that's like! I am heading out tomorrow morning so hope it's as good as run 1 was. You have only 1 run to go... Woo hoo !

(Sounds like you have had some lovely birthday celebrations)


Belated birthday wishes - sounds like you had a great day :) And running is actually my preferred method of getting rid of a hangover. Not that I have many of those. Ahem. Okay, shutting up now :D


Well done & late birthday wishes. I think you should share those friends around - they seem too good to keep all to yourself. Teach your fitbit to whisper.


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