Hangover and 11k

I -so would not have run this morning - but my mate - was on an 8 30 meet. So pills to kill the hangover - (errm and an energy drink)- off we went -and do you know -it wasn't that bad. i had done some hill training in the week and was determined to just do this this morning. It was ok - do I feel super bionic -oh yes. It was not amazing - but satisfactory . What I particularly enjoyed - was turning up a few mins late to my sons rugby- and folk asking where I had been 'oh you know- just run six and a bit miles.....' Aiming for seven miles by xmas....Lovely

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  • thank you - that is kind.

  • Fantastic -well done.

  • Thank you - good to hear from you

  • I love that... What is it about hangovers?!!!!! Well done you .. Doing well


  • ha ha - from one good time girl to another. thank you.xx

  • Way to go! Hangover probably helped numb the pain :)

  • Possibly - but feel i ought to do myself better justice next time- Big run sat - so a dry Friday eve for me:-)

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