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Run one again

having started the programme in February and then having to give up due to an unrelated injury after week 2, this week has seen me start again. Run one on Tuesday was hard going, I had forgotten how out of breath I got, but managed to complete all 8 one minute runs, I was far too warm as had gone out in a lightweight jacket and also managed to take the skin off of both of my ankles by wearing trainers which I hadn't worn before. Today saw me totally unproductive at work so decided to try run 2, dressed more sensibly in a t shirt and leggings and with plasters on both ankles and wearing my trusty worn trainers I completed the run feeling much more positive. I am sooooo looking forward to progressing through the weeks getting fitter as I go. I have a goal to work towards and hopefully this program will help me reach it.

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Good luck! It really is quite warm still, isn't it? Hard to believe how hot you will get as soon as you start running. I wasn't the only runner with a fleece tied round their middle, wondering why on earth they'd gone out wearing it after the first 5 minutes. Good luck with it all, it really is worth it!


It's great that you're back again - good luck with the programme. Just take it slow and steady, and you'll reach that goal, I'm sure :)


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