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Week 8 done and happy birthday me!


I can't quite believe that week 8 is done. Nice run in the FOG! New one on me but not too bad; cool and interesting light.

Well today I become deb55 and I did get my birthday wish: Fitbit 1. It is charging at the minute. I think I have linked it to MFP but who knows? Quite a nice way to mark a very dull birthday though. Hopefully I will graduate next Weds and today I managed 4.37km in 28 mins. I amazed as it is on the way to 5k! Pink as a pink thing as usual but feeling smug!

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Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your new "toy" :)


Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a lovely day :) x


Happy birthday and good luck for next Wednesday

Happy birthday. Great time for wk 7. Roll on that shiny graduation badge.


Great run and Happy Birthday .... You'll have so much fun with your new toy :) Linda x


The mist was great here this morning too. Congratulations on your birthday, your success in C25k and your impending graduation. Pink and smug is something we can all relate to on this forum.

Good luck with next week.

well done deb and have a wonderful birthday :-)

Great stuff! Let us know how you get on with the Fitbit. I had a Jawbone for a couple of weeks, but couldn't get on with it, so I returned it and bought a Garmin instead - a much nicer piece of kit!

And happy birthday, you're well on track to get the golden 5K! I'm really impressed wih your time/distance! (mine is much slower...)


I have just spotted you're post.Happy birthday to you.Well done completing week 8.Nearly there now.I am on day 2 week 8tomorrow.You are doing great times.Did that include you're walk or was that separate. X

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This week I changed to just logging the run and not the walk. Before I was starting mapmytracks when I left the house and measuring all of it. But I need to know how long my run is if I am going for 5 k. I might try a loop that might be 5k if the weather is nice on Sunday. And I don't 'need' to count the walk, as I am now a 'runner'! Thanks for your kind wishes!


happy birthday, have a lovely day.It feels so good when you have a nice run, bring on week 9 eh? x


Happy B'day Deb, enjoy your day. Great time, bring on that shiny badge ;)


Happy birthday, hope you've had a lovely day. That's a very impressive time for your run. Good luck for week 9.


Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes! I am in bed with fitbit in sleep mode...it is my new best friend! Trying to work out how many calories I need per day? *puzzled and slightly tiddly*

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Happy Birthday and how exciting to have finished Week 8 and got a FitBit! I have one more run to do, might squeeze it in tomorrow!

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