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Leg / shin pain

So I've just completed week 3 run 3...little bit nervous about week 4 I have to admit.

However, whilst I thought it would be getting out of breath that would be my biggest problem, it's actually turned out to be leg aches and pains instead. I'm thinking I'm on the verge of shin splits after tonight's run...the pain has gone away now but whilst I was running there was a bit of pain in my shins.

I don't want to break my routine so what can I do to stop this getting worse?

My parents have a cross trainer which I have access to this it possible to do a 'light jog' on one of these?

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I suffered from shin splints in the early days, I found calf sleeves helped a lot


Hi, I have suffered with dreadful shin pain. I had to have a week off from running after week three...I then re-did week three and I'm now halfway through week four with only a little shin pain. I find that doing a few quick calf stretches when it's time to walk really helps and making sure that I stretch after my runs xx


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