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W6 - well over the half way mark!

W6 R1 completed today - well over the half way mark, hurrah!!

Stupid me didn't fully charge my MP3 again (when will I learn?!) and it cut out just before final 5min run started. Just decided to keep running till I got home (I know slap wrists). To be honest that was tr best bit of the run. Totally get what other people say regarding going back to the shorter runs after W5 R3 - totally struggled first 5mins and only found half way through the 8mins.

Anyway onwards and upwards and I will remember to charge my MP3, I will remember to charge my MP3, I will remember to charge my MP3, I will remember... Ooops, just tripped over it on the floor!

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Congrats! I am at exactly the same stage as you, and did find this run hard but got through! I think now we've done 20 mins we know we can have absolute faith in the program, even though I feel like all these longer runs coming up are really going to test me...

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Did you manage R2 today Ruth? How did you find it?


Yeah I did it and completed it but I found it HARD! Honestly I feel like every run is harder now and leaves me really tired out. I am so tempted to repeat the week just so I don't have to move onto the 25 min runs every day next week as even the thought of it wears me out. How about you?


Totally get how you feel - think I'm frightened of no more breaks to walk in!! Having said that I think it might be easier than stopping and starting... Just going to have to see how run3 goes on Sat am. I've booked on to. Race for life twilight 5k for fri 18th oct which should be my graduation run so I have a reason not to cop out and repeat any weeks - the thought of it terrifies me but is keeping me going!


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