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Week 2 Complete - Run 3 was the hardest for me

Just one of those days I suppose. Perhaps I should have had a bigger lunch. Well if it had been a breeze, I wouldn't have felt I'd achieved anything. Lovely burning cheeks now though.

Running in Swansea, and really appreciating the nods and smiles from others out there. Starting to feel like I belong in the fitness community.

Roll on week 3.

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Well done on getting week 2 under your belt. No mean feat! Now looking forward to swapping notes on week 3 to 9!


Well done! I start week 3 tomorrow! See you over there!!!!


Well done to you guys too. It's good to have others at the same stage.


Well done! Lucky you to be running in Swansea. I can't imagine a nicer place to run than around the promenade there ...


I've just finished week 2, yippee!! I downloaded the wall chart so I can tick off my runs but after a quick initial peek, have covered up the next runs so I don't know what's coming up, I'll just do what Laura says and trust her:-) I don't want to put myself off looking what's coming up, just work on the one I'm doing.

Looking forward to starting week 3