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Feeling Ravenous!

I have started feeling ravenous this week after my runs (week 5). When I first started, it kind of put me off eating which I liked, then it was normal, and now I'm so hungry all day long, I just want to go and eat loads and loads. I am really trying hard not to undo all the good by eating too much but it's making me feel grumpy. Does anyone else have the same problem and what do you do about it?

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Your muscles need protein to rebuild after the run and carbs to replenish the carb store. I think they say you should eat within 30 mins of finishing a run. This time I like "they", who ever they maybe :-)


I am always eating after I get back from a run but then I feel hungry all day long. I am pretty sure I am eating enough and (usually) balanced meals, I am just worried if I eat more I am going to undo all my good work. I do have some flab to lose though I am not doing it for real weight loss. And I still crave junk :S


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