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Any idea how long I should wait after day surgery to remove my gall bladder before starting running again?

I should have finished week 9 (hopefully) and was thinking starting again from week 1 after a couple of weeks 'rest' if feeling up to it. Have not seen NHS professionals since beginning of June to ask, before I started a 12 week weight loss and healthy living regime.

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I would imagine that few people on this forum would want to post advice about this unless they happen to be experts in gall bladder surgery! The short answer is that you need to speak to your surgeon for advice on this.

These days, removal of a gall bladder isn't as invasive a procedure as it used to be, but I am sure you will need to take some time off before you go back to running; and even then it's probably best to start with some shorter, gentler runs and see how you go.

Take things carefully, and make sure you get advice. Get well soon!


I don't know if I would trust internet forum advice on this - and I am willing to bet healing times vary a lot. Best would be to ask your doctor or nurse. If you want a quick reply maybe NHS direct can help.


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