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A rare treat - a morning run!

It is not often that I get the opportunity to run in the morning because of work and childcare and the like, so with a random day off today, I knew exactly what was going to be the first thing I would use this precious free time for - running!

I normally run late afternoon/evening, which does help deal with the stress of the day, but my pace is very slow. It's amazing how different running in the morning, and on an empty stomach, makes. I was further down the road when Laura said it was half way, and needed to add an extra little bit onto the end of my normal route too!

So I've now finished Week 7 - and the sun was shining! Happy days :-) Have great runs today, everyone.

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Well done! I am yet to try an early run, the earliest I have managed was 11.30am and I couldn't finish it! I love my pre dinner post work run, really helps shake the day off. I must try an early morning one for comparison.

Best of luck with week 8.


Thank you! I would definitely recommend it, but then we are all different and prefer different routines. It's great when you discover what is best for you. Hope your post-grad runs are going well.


Congrats! I am a morning runner, 7am every time, and the sense of calm being out at that time is amazing. I am just sad that it's going to be dark later now so I won't go out on my own that early. I will be interested to see how it is running at other times of day, though. I have heard a lot of people saying how it's great for beating stress at the end of a work day, like you said.

Anyway congrats again on finishing week 7!! Not long to graduation now!


I know! Only two weeks! I can't believe I've got this far. I don't really want the programme to end because I'm enjoying it so much and I know that I will really miss Laura. But it's not over yet - I'm going to really enjoy and savour these last two weeks.

Enjoy the next few weeks, when it is still light at 7am!


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