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sore knee (in week 3)


I'm did the 1st week 3 run yesterday. Before I going I was vaguely aware my knee felt "funny". Not sore exactly, but a bit odd. No swelling or heat though. Post run, it was definately sore (but still no swelling or heat to the touch). The pain is at the back inside my knee if that makes sense. It feels a bit like the joint needs to "crick" and I find that stretching my leg gently helps. So I'm wondering about tomorrow. Should I go anyway, maybe borrow my daughter's knee support, and see how I get on, or would it be better to rest for another day or so.

I'm not sure if this knee pain is linked to the running - and I don't want to lose my momentum. I'm running outdoors in my local park on red-cinder paths if that's relevant. I'm in my 40s and a bit overweight (hence wanting to take this up.)

Any advice gratefully received

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I had weirdly painful knees around week 3 - as you say, not exactly sore or swollen just not quite right. I spoke to my friendly pharmacist who told me that possibly the joint was just 'bruised inside' as a result of the additional stresses I'd put it through in the past weeks. He suggested taking Arnica tablets (a homeopathic remedy) - this surprised me a bit, but I went with his suggestion for a few days and the knee soon felt ok again.

Additionally, on advice from folk here on the forum, I had my gait analysed at a running shop and discovered that I was 'over-pronating' (leaning in on the instep, so landing slightly out of true). Apparently, if the foot/ankle is 'out' then, eventually, this could cause knee problems. I bought customised insoles and new running shoes (not cheap :( ) but I've had no probs since.

I suggest you rest an extra day to see if your knee improves by itself. Continue with the gentle stretches and possibly a warm bath to ease things. Then when you next try running, make sure you take things very gently and steadily. If no improvements, check with your doctor or a sports physio to make sure there is nothing nasty lurking away there.

Take care and all the best for your next few weeks running.

Cheers, Linda :)


Well just to update. I rested an extra day and took arnica as suggested then tried a very cautions run (W3R2) on Saturday morning. MISTAKE ! I managed to complete the run, but during my walk back I was definately limping and by time I got home my knee was swollen. I've been wearing hubby's knee brace and taking ibuprofen since then. I suspect that I've caused the problem by not putting my foot down right (my feet tend to turn in and my husband has been nagging me to see a podiatrist since forever...)

SO, as I have a friend who is a podiatrist, I have an appointment with her tomorrow. (If she doesn't think this is a foot problem, I'll go see my GP). And I will definately waiting until I'm completely pain free before I try again. Which is frustrating as I guess by then I'll need to drop back to week 1... Whats annoying is that the run felt well within my capabilities - breathing and muscles were fine, it was just the knee ! Hubby is also suggesting I buy my own knee supports. He wears them for all sport now and swears by them !



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