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Drizzly grizzly rain - Bad run day

Was due to start my week 3 of B210k today and feeling pretty positive. Bounced out of the house at 7 15 - blah - horrible - the drizly mizzly was awful. Did my warm up walk then started the first 17 mins. I couldnt get my breathing right and had to keep slowing down. i also had a niggly pain in my back and due to doestic trivia had a crap nights sleep - so maybe my body just wasnt up for it. I was about to start the second 17 mins, but I knew my heart was not in it - the rain was really getting to me and i was cold. I didn't want to feel rubbish all day for failing my run - so I made a positive decision to do the pyrmid speed podcast and i really worked it. So it wasn't brillant and not what I intended - but I salvaged something!

As it was got home - and due to Miscommunciation between me and MR Suzyb - kids waiting to go to be taken to not quite late but nearly :-)

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Well done you for salvaging your run. It's funny how we need to come home with a positive feeling. Even though what you did was still very good in the scheme of things. I was the same yesterday run went bad (18 min instead of 25) but I did a load of strength training on the machines in the park. So at least I felt I had done something.


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