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Jacobs Ladder revisited

Went out at 8.00am this morning for a last run before we head off to the sunshine for 2 week. Its cold 9C so I was glad I had put on my long sleeved top. Got down to the bottom of the road and what do I see, frost on the grass, so it had to be a change of plan, Jacobs Ladder was still not conquered and the icy pavements would be here before long, so today was as good a day as any to pay a visit and my respects to the dreaded hill.

This would now be a slower run but more varied surfaces. The track leading to Abbotshall Rd was full of puddles, we have had some rain for the past couple of nights which I should have thought about, but I've committed myself to this run, so this run I shall do. Puddle jumping and fell running!! No not out on the fells, I fell while running, duh. Nothing serious, I had jumped a puddle and was making my way up onto the grass verge when I slipped on a big wet stone and down I went. Damn and bl - - t, I've only gone and chipped my newly painted nails :(

Anyway, I'm off again and more puddles to jump, sheesh this was not such a good idea, what a dough ball I am some times. Made it to tarred road and now I have Abbotshall Rd to run up and up. Well I did it without any problem this morning, slow but never even thought about stopping. At the top which is a T junction I have no option but to stop to let the cars come down AH Rd, then I'm off up JL, arms pumping, deep breathing but keeping it slow and steady. Well what can I say, it was not easy, but hey it was good, got to the top and I could have done more, now that's the first I've felt like that when I've got to the top. After a traffic stop for about 20 seconds I'm off and running out on the road to head for the school, this is a part of the run which is open country (no pavements) but loads of cars doing the school run this morning, they are very considerate drivers though, due I suspect to the fact that the school is for special needs children and the parents are perhaps more careful when driving, got waves from drivers and children.

I then have to cross the road to the wrong side as there is a horse and rider coming towards me on my side of the road and there is no way I'm passing it at close quarters, its a huge animal, one of those horses that looks like a Clydesdale with huge hairy feet, what a beauty, horse nodded his head and rider said, "good morning, lovely day" Yes how right she was its a perfect morning. Now I'm onto my lovely forest tracks, had to take my sun glasses off, it was surprisingly dark in among the trees. Its dryer on this track than the first one, probably due to the dense trees, I just love this twisting winding track, that goes up and down, around and round, sun flashing through the branches made it hard to see some of the time. I feel good, I feel like I could run for ever this morning, don't you just love days when that happens.:)

Not sure what the internet will be like while I'm away, have packed my running gear and intend to run 2-3 times each week, if not I'll swim loads. Be good while I'm gone, good luck all newbies. All runs are not good runs but I can say with hand on heart when you get a run like I had this morning it wipes out all the bad ones even taking into account a chipped nail ;)

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i soo love the good runs, and the not so good still give a sense of achievement when you've conquered them. I wanted to say i used your tip about pumping the arms and deep breathing to get me up a hill this a.m. and by jove i was up the little stinker before you could say billy ho!!! thing is it was nearly at the end of my run and it totally did me in lol. My run ended just after that but i'd done over my time anyway. I will certainly use it again and couldn't believe the momentum it gave me. Thanks and enjoy your hols:)


Have a great holiday OG and keep us posted about your adventures in the sun.


Well done! I would have waved if I knew you were doing this and been a cheerleader watching you go up JL., pompoms at the ready. I feel you have issued a challenge so I'll have a go in the next couple of weeks. I too like the tip about pumping arms.

I was along the track on Sunday and was puddle hopping as well. I feel so lucky to have the tracks nearby as it is so much more interesting to run in the forest than along the road. I never know which route I will take.

Have a great holiday.


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