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Small progress on Jacobs Ladder Challenge

Well this morning it was very overcast and dark and I managed to sleep in, not a good start to the week. Never mind I was up and out about 9.00am and had decided to try my challenge of Jacobs Ladder again. This time my idea was as I turned off the A93 onto Abbotshall Rd I would run/walk from lamppost to lamppost all the way up Abbotshall Rd which hopefully would leave me enough energy to try JL. Well I only went and did it, took sharp right turn at the top of AB Rd and there is JL in front of me. Its steep but slowly just about on tip toes with calf muscles screaming I did it but as it levels off at the top my heart was pounding seriously so I went into a brisk like walk or maybe it was a stagger for about 90 seconds before I got going at a steady jog back home. It wasn't fast, I didn't intend for it to be, my aim is to put behind me my fear of UPS, this UP is a serious one but it ain't going to beat this Oldgirl and to be honest when I now plan a new route I don't think too much about if there is a hill in it or not. So my training must be working.

So my next action plan is to run 2 lampposts walk 1 up Abbotshall Rd, then run all the way up JL, slowly, slowly does it :)

And just look here's my lovely new Garmin I got for my birthday wanting to say hello to everyone, I'm well chuffed with this gadget.


Weather was terrible, cold wet and windy just about normal for up here I would say.:)

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That's great oldgirl, those stats certainly show when you hit JL - I admire your tenacity, I ran my first proper incline on Saturday and my legs were as weak as a kitten by the top... I hate hills!


WEll done on getting your link working. :D

I love the way your hill correlates with your slowing in speed - mine tends to be all over the place.

I can't wait for your blog saying you have beaten the HILL.


I hope you are a patient person then christian1 its going to take a while I think, the road leading up to it is nearly 1/2K long and all up hill Abbotshall Rd has been renamed by me but can't put its new name on here, Admin would bann me ;)


A fab run Oldgirl, love the stats, I definitely want one now.


I so want one of those gadgets. Well done on that hill. I still haven't faced a hill demon.


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