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First run in over two months

I'm just back from a week 1 run, I've not run since the 3rd July due to a painful back and sciatica. I'm starting right back at the beginning so as not to over do things, but found the 90 sec walks too long - I'm sure i didn't think that first time round. The running was good, my legs and lungs remember what to do. I'm now wondering whether to skip to week 2, the running time is only a minute longer but the intervals are divided into 6 runs with shorter walks.

I'm now off to do loads of stretches.

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Good luck BettyJane, I went back to the beginning after 3 months off with sciatica but just did 1 run from weeks 1,2 & 3, then stuck to the program. It paid off and didn't have any problems with hip and back while getting back to 5K runs. Hope all goes well for you, listen to your body and well done on getting back out there.


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