First time hill runs over Christmas

First time hill runs over Christmas

Hi, hope you've all had a good Christmas :-)

Thought I would write a post now I am home and have signal on my phone!

I spent Christmas in the Scottish borders with family and decided to keep up the programme regardless of my nervousness about how my family would respond to seeing my obese self stuffed into my joggers and old top. Anyway, I then had to run uphill as where I stayed is in a valley so any which direction is uphill :-)

Was a huge challenge and my burning calves were telling me to stop, but thankfully I managed to keep on going! I completed week 8 and the first run of week 9 down there and am now preparing for my first run back home on flat ground.

And now I'm terrified that I'll not be as fast even though I've been running uphill and that old anxiety about going outside is making itself known again. I'm hoping that now I've unburdened myself to you all that I can let go and just do it! .... Which I will, of course, once I've finished my cup of tea and posted a picture of the beautiful view that greeted me at the end of W9R1 :-)

Happy running everyone! Xxx


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12 Replies

  • Wahay for running hills! Best fun ever, you get inbuilt intervals (efforts on the way up and recovery on the way down) and if you keep doing it your 'obese self' will start looking like something entirely more toned and gorgeous.

  • True about the in build intervals, definitely! I certainly hope so, though I am worried about keeping it up once it's a routine. Any tips for keeping motivated? Xxx

  • I'm injury-resting at the moment (grr) but normally I run with a running club once a week which helps get me out, as does running with friends and on beautiful routes, or downloading really good albums and use runs as music time.

  • Lovely view ! That's the sort of thing you miss if you stay on the couch...Well done for continuing the programme while on your Christmas getaway, you have obviously got some iron willpower in there somewhere. Keep running....!

  • Very true about the view, I look at the picture now and it almost doesn't seem real! :-) not iron will power just wanted some quiet time to think :-P hope you had a good Christmas henpen xxx

  • Looks like a fantastic place to run. Well done on doing the hills. I took the cowardly way out and found somewhere flat to run until I graduated as I just didn't want to face any chance of failure so you are just awesome! Only 2 runs left now. Balloons and party poppers at the ready :D

  • I would have kept to the flat too if I could have! Balloons and party poppers are my favourite ;-P

    Your graduate badge looks great! :-D xxx

  • wow stunning views :D most of us mere mortals dont go anywhere near hills for fear of death haha well done you for doing them , way to go ,keep it up :D you are nearly at the finish line now that is an acheivement in its self ;D Just go out there and do it :D

  • So close now! Then I just need to try and keep it up :-/ *bites nails nervously! Xxx

  • This is such a fantastic post and you deserve a huge well done! hey what's wrong with joggers and an old top, lol. That's my standard kit ;)

    I know what you mean about anxiety before running outside. I feel the same and it's something I'm fighting.

    Graduation is well within your grasp now, can't wait to read your graduation post. happy Running xxx

  • Nothing wrong at all, except mine are growing a huge hole :-( leggings underneath so no embarrassment but think I might need to bite the bullet and get new bottoms :-/

    Reassuring to know I'm not alone in pre run anxiety- we will get there though! :-) xxx

  • Store 21 are having exercise and running gear in I noticed today. Spoil yourself :) I don't know what this pre run anxiety is all about because I'm always fine once I get out there, lol.

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