Running in the rain isn't so bad at all!

Tonight I bought a new car and then went home and changed into my running gear ( never thought that I would own such stuff) and set off into the rain. I had mapped out a road run as it is now too dark for the park, and worried that it would be harder. I am glad I had planned a route as it kept me plodding onwards in order to finish it.

I had not realised how irritating people's overgrown bushes are as they doused me it raindrops whenever I ran near them. And all those puddles lying in wait for me to step in! All those raindrops running into my eyes! BUT I LOVED IT.

So different to a month ago - all that heat and sweat. After a poor run on Wednesday I'm back in the running groove. Roll on w6r3!

2 Replies

  • I love running in the rain (although not too heavy preferably)! Just done w6r1 and loving it so far. Can't believe I've got this far!

  • Isn't it amazing the people we are becoming. I have just started to get people saying that I am looking good - even though the scales stubbornly refuse to move downwards. I certainly feel different.

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