Wk9 -bad run lost all confidence and cried!!!!

Before I start sorry for the whining!!- Since I started c25k my husband tried to jump on the bandwagon but do it his own way -today he went out first and did 9laps of the running track in 30mins (let me add he is totally unfit and overweight and just went straight in running 4weeks ago without following the programme) so when he got back I abandoned my normal road running route(which although i have struggled in week 7 and again week 9 but I have completed one 30 min and one 28 min run) to go to the track and see if I could do his laps - well 15 minutes in I had completed 5laps then my body just stopped -I couldn't go any further I walked half a lap and tried to get going again but couldn't so I got in the car and cried!!!. Totally lost all confidence and beginning to think this running lark isn't for a bigger girl like myself. Is this just a blip or have I lost my mojo.


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  • No no no please don't cry You can't compare yourself to your husband Your profile said it was going to be 'a long road ' and you wanted to inspire your daughters All the little steps you take will get you to the end of the road and you just have to accept that you will get there Your journey may not be easy and there will be lots of obsticles on the way but please keep going I always think I am the tortoise plodding slowly along but I will get there even if sometimes the hare overtakes me It's not a race this getting fit /losing weight lark but you CAN do it Follow the programme and listen to Laura --- don't be tempted to take shortcuts Remember lots of friends here who will support you Please please please DON'T give up

  • You've just learnt the hard way that running should just be about you and not comparing yourself to other people.

    Who cares if your husband says he can run that distance in that time? I know it's hard not to but you really shouldn't. Besides he did only "say" he could do it. ;P

    I think that running is a personal thing, it's about battling your own limitations and overcoming them which you definatly have done, think back to the early 60 second runs and realise how far you've come and how much better you can get.

  • Thanks guys, haha -yes he did only 'say' it and keeps avoiding coming out with me!, know in my heart it was just a bad run but literally just broke down -body and mind.

    maybe subconsciously it has something to with only 2runs left on the programme then it's all down to me to keep going-but as hubbie says I better keep at it as everything on Santas list is running related . Lol

  • - put it behind you - sounds like you have. We all have down days - and they just remind us how human and fragile we are. And what we have achieved and how far we have come. I rarely run with anyone else - because I don't want to feel crap if i can't keep up or have to stop and walk - hate that miserable low confidence feeling. As for laps - they bore me to tears - and i always give up. I now stick to familiar comforting routes - that I know I can do - not necessarily easy - but they don't defeat me.

    You will do this- looking fwd to seeing your graduation post :-)

  • He can't do it! It's all bluster designed to undermine you. Don't be railroaded, diverted or sent off course. Stick with Laura and she will get you round. I am running on my own and then I'm not waiting for other people to show up or others trying to tell me that I'm doing things wrong. If you stick with the programme and listen to Laura - instead of your husband - then all will be well.

    Back on track from now on and there'll be no more tears, except perhaps tears of joy when you complete the job. Good luck!

  • Well said , I can't say anything else really it's all been said . I hate & I repeat HATE running in company , it's human nature to compare out selves & I much prefer doing my own thing in my own way . You have done great you are there , now buck up & get that badge !

  • We have to run at our own speeds and distances. It's important. I am sure if your husband ran with usain bolt he would feel deflated afterwards. You are out there doing it that the most important thing. It's not a race. Hang in there and tell that well deserved confidence to come back to its proper place immediately. Good luck.

  • Hey run-ragged - I like the name :)

    Well done for completing up to week 9. It's a great program and the rewards really make it worthwhile. When you graduate it's traditional to do a little dance (conga optional).

    I suspect he may just be winding you up but if you want to add a large raspberry in our husband's direction at the same time then I think we'll all understand.

    Look forward to your graduation :)

  • Lots of good advice already. This us your thing to do whatever way suits you.

    Personally i find running on a track mind numbingly boring and would struggle to do even 5 laps!

  • Keep going solo. No pressure then, just you and Laura. I started at Wk1 with husband and teenage kids but as I am easily the fattest and least fit, I ditched them after 5 runs (all wk1 as I couldn't complete) and am so happy at my own speed and pace. Their well meaning encouragement was just too much pressure, but since I ditched them, I've met every target. Your husband may also just be well meaning and just trying to keep you motivated by giving you a misguided challenge by saying what he can do. Hey, he just loves you, but unless he's got a degree in sports psychology, tell him nicely to back off. Good luck... you've nearly graduated.....how cool.

  • Thanks everyone, that's why I love this forum everyone is so helpful , supportive and understand. Know he doesn't mean it but it's just annoying when I've worked my way through the programme and he just went out and ran!. I'll be back out again early Tuesday morning to battle the demons and come through the other side. (Hopefully)

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