Flying High Now!

I remember week 1 run 1 and how painfully self conscious I was and how out of breath I was but how immensely proud I was that I finished the first run. My second run was in the poring (monsoon) rain and my third in glorious sunshine and so the weeks have gone by and each week I have been so pleased with myself. C25K is more than a running app, it's a confidence, self-esteem

builder, stress buster, anxiety banisher and many other things app/podcast. Today 8 weeks after my first run I have completed week 9 run 3. I ran 4.23km in 30 minutes. My next challenge is 5k in under 30 minutes.

A huge thank you to all you lovely people on this forum who have encouraged me and given me advice. Especially when I didn't want to run in the rain... and when my new trainers hurt (they don't now).

Happy running all.

Helein xx

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  • That's fantastic, well done. And you already have your next goal in mind, go for it !!

  • Brilliant Helein , really well done :)

  • Well done. You can feel proud and chuffed. Go for it and keep running.

  • Happy graduation!!! Well done.

  • Congratulations and well done ☺

    Keep running 😊 😊

  • Well done, and nearly 5k too! Enjoy your badge and t :) e next challenge. T x

  • Well done Helein! I finished this afternoon, so I'm proud of us both! I also want to try 5k in less than 30, fingers crossed :)

  • Big Congrats to you too Lina! Feels good doesn't it πŸƒπŸ˜€.

  • Congratulations enjoy the high you must be feeling 5k is a good next challenge I am still not under 30 mins so very impressed with your goal good luck ! :)

  • Congratulations - you should feel very proud!

  • Fantastic ! Congratulations to you, that's a lovely post xxx

  • Well done! Such a good feeling πŸ˜€

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