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Totally muddled up day! Feeble run!

Didn't waken for my run this morning. Had hardly any sleep last night feeling cold and needed the thicker duvet on. Slept until 12.00 and then shocked myself awake when I realised I'd blown everything for the foreseeable future! I cannot run tomorrow or Saturday because I am on duty at Harrogate Flower Show. Need to look presentable there because I'm giving a talk on Saturday about bees. Still not made my crib sheets up.

So - out for a run at lunchtime. Never done it so late in the day. Feeling very hungry so downed 4 strawberries and an 'Energy bar' plus a lot of water. And decided to stick with my original plan to run 'naked' YAY!

My posh phone was low on battery so had to wait half an hour to get some juice into it. Used the time to plan my talk. I am having problems with my posh phone not connecting with the satellites properly but because I know my markers for warm up, runs etc. I decided I could manage just using my watch, which I did.

So, off I go, posh phone chelping about satellite status. ON, OFF, etc. I quite enjoyed being able to hear the world around me. The birds, creatures moving in the undergrowth, the pile driver clanging away noisily on the building site, the concrete munching machine grinding away too, my feet hitting the path and my breathing. Everything was great!

Looked at the posh phone. Running time 27 minutes, distance 0.03km. Oh really?

Disgruntled that I have made the wrong techy choice I've been on t'internet and I now understand more about GPS than I did this morning. It seems those lovely shady trees along MY riverbank have to come down and the clouds must be blown away before I go out again.

On the plus side I have mapped out in my head how to present my talk with only a head mic, no laptop or Power Point. Decided I can really impress the audience by tipping out a kilo of flour and telling them just how many kilo's of pollen as fine as that the bees need in a year. For nectar I will take many 2 litre milk bottles of syrup (we feed that to the bees in Autumn in preparation for winter) and the colony needs about 20 of those bottles to get through winter. I hope they enjoy it! (The punters not the bees)

So, a totally meaningless run stats wise but very productive in the long run for sorting my life out. AND I got my hair done (coloured) which is good.

I hope the honey crop is better this year so I can consider buying a myself proper GPS gadget!


Another good thing - I've lost 200gm in 4 days WOW! How impressive is that! Not very but I don't care. It felt as if my joggers were falling down so something is shifting.

And I do not have time to delete all these tags!

HA HA HA - just had a prompt 'Are you sure you don't want to submit your post?' Love it ! Will stop fiddling with it and do it NOW!

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You can't keep us guessing like that! How much pollen do they need?? :)


feeling your lost satellites pain!! .... And I have a posh Garmin!

Lovely post by the way


Hey Beek!

Well done on the naked run!

I'm loving your tags..I really wish I read them first before the post, I'd have fun trying to work out what your post was about....especially with 'clanging'! Haha!

Good luck for your talk, let us know how it goes!


Loved your post and learned something about bees. Thank you. Good luck on the techie side.


Loved reading this, you made me smile, how many Kilos of pollen do they need?

My two year old son loves Bees and while on holiday brought a dead one in from the garden saying. This bees not buzzing can you mend it!


What a great post if I was near Harrowgate I would be heading over to your talk. Sounds great - much better than power point,


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