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Any suggestions to mental barriers before even putting trainers on?

Once I'm out there breathing the fresh air and getting sweaty and knowing I'm getting somewhere I'm fine, the past two days have made me worry though.

For 6 or 7 weeks (I should've done wk7r2 today) I've stayed motivated and on track but yesterday was run day and I felt really too emotional and stressed so boyfriend advised not to go out, planned to move it to today and the weather has stopped me (heavy rain in east mids!) going to definitely try and get out tomorrow before work otherwise I run out of week! But just wondered if anyone had any tips for avoiding hiccups or overriding them?

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We all have days like that, don't worry.

I guess you have 2 choices -

1/ give yourself a break - remind yourself that this is meant to be enjoyable...not another chore or "should do", so if you don't feel like going out, don't :-)

2/ put your running shoes on and head out...with the proviso that if you want to stop and go home after 5 minutes, you can - starting is always the hard bit, and psychologically, the 5 minute quit deal makes starting easier...and by that time, you'll probably be happy to be out and won't feel like stopping :-)

I use both - works for me :-)


Why not pin your post to the fridge and underline the first sentence up to the "I'm fine" bit, as a reminder ?

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Two very good pieces of advice, thank you! I'm going to try both of those!

I just got out there and ran, now to quickly recover and get ready for work!

Now the next run should be Saturday, any thoughts how I could get my run days back to Sunday, Tuesday Thursday?!


Try some other form of exercise like a swim on Sunday/Monday. You will have had a rest from running but won't feel like you haven't exercised and will be primed and ready to run on Tuesday


Just do a run on Sunday! the one rest day thing isn't inflexible, it's AT LEAST one rest day.

Mrs Narmour is always coming up with little excuses to not go out, and usually all it takes is a gentle nudge and she goes. And she always comes back buzzing. Remember it's all in your head. The gremlins want nothing more than to keep you on the sofa, don't give them the satisfaction!!


Clearly my confidence is still being built on and the latest stressful time has knocked me more than I thought but the run has helped to start to fix some of the stress!!


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