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Progressing to 10k - any advice please?


Hi, I graduated at the beginning of the summer. I hoped to move on to 10k running, but got a bit over enthusiastic and ended up with very sore ankles.

I have kept on with the running, 5K 2-3 times a week - including Parkruns. I usually run 5K in just under 30 minutes.

My ankles are fine now. I would like to try again building up to 10k, but I don't want to hurt myself again.

Any tips?

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Try a bridge to 10k podcast. Samantha Murphy seems to be the one everyone talks about on here.

I downloaded them from this page today, should be ok. Haven't had a chance to unpack and listen to them yet.

The link to click to start the download is in the first post.

lola465Graduate in reply to Narmour

Um. It was doing a Bridge to 10k podcast (not Samantha Murphy...not sure which one it was) that I developed hip pain and had to take a month out of running and a big step backwards in fitness.

I think I'd say try a podcast but repeat each week twice and go back a week if you find any twinges developing?


try not to extend by more than 10% a week, and then only 1 of the 3 runs. maybe 5km fast, 5km slow, 5km+ slow. that worked for me.

Nope as I'm starting but I'd love to hear others advice.


wow a 5k in under 30 minutes, i am sooo jealous!!! well done you...right as for next steps i would suggest Audiofuel ( silky steve)..and increase by 10%...and develop your own plan...with aims and goals and just do it!!!


I started the Samantha Murphy podcasts but I found it built to quickly for me and I got injured, so I built my own programme of one 5K run, one interval and one longer run that increased by 10% a week. Good luck and enjoy.

lola465Graduate in reply to Phil72

Ooh I like that idea. What sort of interval run did you do?

Phil72Graduate in reply to lola465

I did audiofuel pyramid 180 but you could redo a C25K pod cast but instead of walking you would do a slow run and when Laura say run you run flat out to a speed you feel you could maintain for the time but which is challenging.


Thanks for your replies everyone. It is food for thought. I had a nostalgic run on the flat today - where I did my C25K training - I have since made myself progress to hills. It was great running in the rain, and on flat terrain. 10% seems good advice - I would go with Silky Steve but my 'phone has ridiculously low memory.


I downloaded the Sami Murphy podcasts here, and despite a technical glitch on week 1, I moved on to week 2 and I think it's great! I've run it twice now and I liked it even more today. Can't wait for week 3. I'm 55 and never run in my life until I happened upon Couch to 5 k. I graduated and went onto the C25K+ podcasts and now am doing the Sami M ones. I love it! I'd recommend it


Thanks for the reply! I have done a couple of 10ks now. I basically followed the 10% rule, but increased by 10% a fortnight rather than 10% a week. When I finally got to my first 10k it was because I miscalculated how far I needed to run home, but I showed myself I could do it, and knocked a few minutes off my time when I managed it again the next time. I knocked 30 seconds off my Parkrun PB last week, and I'm sure that's because I'm getting stronger by doing the distance runs. Looking forward to seeing what 2014 has in store - this time last year I wasn't even planning on being a runner!

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