Couch to 5K

Beginning to think I'm a technological disaster!

When I started this I thought my lack of fitness would be what let me down. I have discovered that it's actually far more likely to be my failure to grasp simple technology/general clutsyness!

I missed my usual run yesterday as was blowing some kind of arctic gale last night in Norfolk, so I woke up determined to go out this morning for W4R2.

All going fine till my MP3 ran out of power at the end of the first 3m run.

Had to go it alone again sans Laura. Made it up as I went along again and consequently think I ran the furthest I have done yet but could have been any length of time/distance to be honest.

Grrrrr.... Cross with myself! MP3 charging now - wish me better luck for run 3!

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Oh no! I've also had a few hitches, mainly that I've started doing the wrong run as all the podcasts are jumbled up on my iPod shuffle, and most of them sound the same at the start!

Better luck for the next run! :)

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I had that techy problem - along with downloading the zipped file - not once but twice, which of course MP3 cannot read!

Now I only load the current week I am on so I can't mix things up!


That should be viewed as a success rather than a failure runsandknits, afterall, you went further than you should've. Although techy disasters are frustrating, I had issues with my podcast restarting halfway through the session and would swear loudly at my phone and accuse it of deliberately trying to sabotage me... until I discovered the lock screen button!! funny it hasn't happened since then!!!


Better luck next time x


Thanks everyone! Feeling more optimistic now :)


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