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I was reading another post on here about about the journey to graduating and remembering what it was like and how that week 5 3rd run of 20 minutes seemed liked such a big step at the time, when it suddenly hit me.

I ran 7 miles at the weekend without stopping !

I apologise if this sounds like boasting - it really isn't mean't to - but how is that possible ?

You have to say though - how good is this C25k program to get you running from virtually no exercise

and how enjoyable is it :-)

Long may it continue.

Happy running ;-)

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19 Replies

  • I can't wait to be at that point :-)

    This plan is fab and really does work like magic, I think trusting it is key.

    I also love how so many graduates stick around and motivate everyone else, so thank you :-)

    J x

  • I'm sure you'll get there - sounds like you are enjoying it too :-)

  • Your post is inspirational not boastful. My wife did W5R3 this morning and it has just dawned on her that she really can do this. She is glowing with pride and so am I. To see the progress that others can make in such a relatively short time, is very motivating and liberates us all from those tired old bodies that we have inhabited for so long.

    Nine weeks is not very long in the great scheme of things, but boy can it change your life.

  • Thanks and glad my post came across as intended. Week 5 is a big milestone ranging from initial trepidation to elation when you complete the run so well done to your wife and good luck with graduating.

  • I think it is important to reflect...I too remember the joy of W5R3, I know there are many more milestones, but that truly is one of the biggest :D the sheer joy that you achieved such a step up in time. This is a fab programme and I'm always selling its virtues even with the yawns of here he goes again ;-)

  • Reflection is good especially with the nights getting darker... I know what you mean though. I've caught myself eulogising about C25k a few times but yet to hear of anyone who has started.

  • We started a lunchtime running club and we currently have three people that have graduated since the club started and one person is doing it privately.

  • Never mind boasting, you should be shouting it from the rooftops! ;) well done, it's always good to remember how far (literally!) you've come

  • Thank you :)

  • fabulous post and f**** to think of running for 7 miles...for any of us those few months ago would have made us ( well certainly me) be in hysterics!!!!! You are doing amazingly and you need to feel great about yourself...you are a runner.....

  • Thank you :)

  • Fab post - I also remember that momentous moment when I achieved week 5 run three _ it was the point when I really started to believe I might actually do this!!!!!

    You're right to reflect. We live life these days at 100mph........always striving for the next thing.......its great to sit back sometimes and reflect and bask in the glory of our achievements, no matter how small they are.

  • Thank you :)

  • Great post- to remind us how far we have all come :-)

  • Its been quite an enjoyable journey too.

  • Totally agree, can remember thinking this was such an amazing achievement. Today I ran 4 times that and covered over 6 miles.

    Feeling pleased how far we have all come.

  • Great to hear and keep it up :)

  • I've so enjoyed your post, runningnotwalking, and all the replies from everyone. Thank you!

    Since graduation a couple of weeks ago, I haven't really settled down yet to a good pattern, so some longer runs, some shorter runs doing intervals -- not exactly sprints, more like plod to plod-plod, and after a bit, back to plod. Every other day I take a really long walk, like 14-18 km at 6 kph, so briskly not a stroll. In time, I latch onto a good pattern that really engages me, challenges me to just the right degree.

    But tonight I walked to do an errand, and then just because I missed it and it would feel good, I jogged back home a couple or three km along the sidewalks lit by streetlights. Didn't have my proper running shoes or togs, but what I was wearing was serviceable and not risky for injury. I even sprinted at the point I was feeling a little tired.

    It felt soooooo fine.

    What in heaven's name has happened to me???? Me! Want to run?!? Irrepressible urge to run! Unknown impulse in times gone by, and now absolutely a part of me.

    So yes, let's toast the magic of the C25k program, and its transformative power. I'm down 33 lbs, and feeling great plus owning my body, not succumbing to sloth and bad habits. Wow.

    So thanks for the reflection tonight on how far we've all come. Happy running!

  • I like the "plod to plod-plod". Glad the post resonated with you and definitely raise a glass to C25k :)

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