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Couch to 5K
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I just finished week 4!

Very proud of myself and I actually had a good run!! Although I'm very slow I managed to do it and I'm learning to actually breath properly which is helping so much. My leg feels like its healing and I just feel amazing! Roll on week 5!!

I just want to let anyone know that is struggling with week 4 like I did (failed initially) that YOU CAN do it!!! And it does get easier! I didn't feel like I was fit enough at all to do week 4 when i first started but by run 3 you feel so much fitter and it isnt so much of a struggle. Keep going guys :)!

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Fab! Well done secretlemon :)


Thanks for the encouragement Secretlemon.

All I can say is me too! I read your post about starting week 4 last week when I started it the first time and didn't make it. It does help to know I'm not the only one who's struggled!


Thanks for the encouragement and wise words for those of us finding week 4 tough Secretlemon, it certainly helps. And well done you on completing week 4 - very best of luck for week 5, you can do it!!


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