Couch to 5K

Pleased to Meet You 7 Miles

Went out for another run today not expecting much after a late night but keen to go.

Following the Stamina podcast at the moment and depending how energy levels are, continuing on after it finishes.

Good start, feeling OK but nothing special, couple of layers as summer has taken it's holiday. Heavens opened half-way so now practiced at taking off and putting on running top whilst running.

Completed the podcast and felt OK so continued running.

My playlist kicked in after Stamina and gave me new lease of energy so ran on and reached 6 miles at 54 minutes.

Rain lashing down but didn't care and feeling more refreshed by the minute, really up for this.

Continued running and upped the pace a little, feeling as if I could run all day now and enjoying it.

Got to end of fifth song on my Rolling Stones playlist died !

No music, no MapMyRun, no way !

Shall we say I was a little unhappy about this but had lots of energy so carried on running for a few more laps of the park before deciding that perhaps running in soaking wet clothes probably wasn't such a good idea without any confirmation how I was doing.

So I'm sat here trying to work out my stats and can only conclude that...

Stamina plus 5 songs = 59min 10secs. MapMyRun stopped at 6.58miles so guessing 10.59km in under an hour.

With my couple of additional laps without music I'm pretty sure I made the 7 miles if not more.

So, I'm taking this as my first 7 miler or 11k

Given how I felt at the time it's looking good for further progress too.

New mobile battery in the post but starting to think about alternatives for tracking my progress as this is the 3rd time a run has been lost to technology.

Criteria 1 - long battery life, 2 - waterproof, 3 - can possibly be worn on wrist, 4 - long battery life, 5 - see 4

Any advice welcome.

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Long battery life as in lots of use before you have to charge or that it doesn't die totally within the next 6 months?

Garmin FR10 is a good basic tracker, no frill, the base jobby. It only has a 5 hour tracking battery life though, so if you fancy upping to marathon training you'd probably want to go upward (in tech and price); or if you're off out for the weekend and running several times. If you just want to track day to day running then the 5 hours is OK coz you will always upload your runs as soon as you get back to check your stats and how far and how fast you've gone, it charges as it uploads, then you just need to leave it in its cradle when you update your running log spreadsheet, check posts on here, reply and post your own posts and hey presto it's soon charged again.

The next one up is the FR110 (or is it 100?), I have no experience of this so hopefully someone else will come along and play soon.


Thanks Beads - will take a look at Garmin. Something long enough to survive a few hours would be good but anything will be an improvement on today.


I don't know if they're still available, but I'd say avoid the Garmin 110 and 210 at any price. I sent my 210 back and my mate hates his 110. On the flip side - I love my 610, but they're pricey.


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