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Music or not.

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Up early today because of the heat and when I drove to the Park realised no headphones so I ran for the first time without music, wasn’t as bad as I thought but found it harder to get into a rhythm without my running playlist. That said record 5k so something must be right. Do people prefer music/podcast or just silence.

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I mix my runs around regarding music or no music, I won't have any music at park run, other runs I have the radio, Spotify and sometimes my metromone steps per minute app to keep my running steady,

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Gingeral57Graduate in reply to AlMorr

Metromone steps sounds interesting must check that out.

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AlMorrGraduate in reply to Gingeral57

The app is 'Metromone Beats' you can set the number of beat/steps a minute from 1 to 300, for us runners 150 to 175 beats a minute is comfortable.

When I was experimenting around with it I set my first 5K run at 150 beats a minute and "ran" a 5K in 52 minutes, two days before I walked that same route without the app in 48 minutes.

Three days later I set the app at 168 beats a minute and ran that same course in 33.55, however, my PB on that course is 32.23 which I ran without the metronome app.

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Well done you and yes I always have music , then again I've never even tried without. Maybe try one day to see if I like it or not 😚

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I listen to podcasts

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I like my music..but also love running nekkie:) This morning...the birds.. the sea and my feet gently covering the kilometres :)

Generally I like music. But there's a little part of my new route which I feel a bit vulnerable going through, so I take my ear phones off for that. One of my friends has never run with music at all and loves it. I think I like the distraction!

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Ran for first time today without and not a fan. Aware of pace and breathing but not in a good way lol. Going back to toons on Sunday. 👍🏻

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Need music always unless I’m at club. Can’t stand the sound of my breathing and like something to focus on.

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Always have music whenever running it’s the only time other than journeys to work that I get to hear my music.

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