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First run of week 4 done...


... and the lie-down in the ambulance to the hospital was a godsend. At least, I thought that might be the post when I was coming to the end of the first 5 minute run with visions of me doing the 'dying fly' in the middle of the park after collapsing, but as it turned out I was able the stay the course, finish all the runs and still be standing at the end of it, which was a surprise. Found it tough going, and towards the end of the 2nd 5 minute run was having to urge myself on one step at a time, but was very pleased to complete it. I still can't envisage a time coming where I can actually say I enjoy it while I'm running, but for now will be content with being proud of myself after the event for finishing each run.

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Well done you.

I remember that run. I live close to a hospital and my route is on the ambulance route to A and E. I remember the last 5 minutes and thinking I may have to flag down the next ambulance I saw en route to the hospital !! I'm now 2 weeks post graduation and, whilst I don't think I could honestly say I always enjoy running, being able to do so for 30 minutes has given me a real sense of achievement.


Hi BP, I remember very early on in my programme owning up to not really enjoying the running and received so many admissions from others that they didn't either!

But in a strange way you will feel a whole lot better in yourself and you just know it is good for you.

I, very recently, felt a tad disappointed that I was on a rest day - totally new sentiment! You will soon be looking forward to getting out there, I'm sure! WELL DONE for sticking with it and finishing when it got hard.

Happy running!


Stick with it and you will get to enjoy more than the masochistic pleasure of pushing yourself to your absolute limit. The course is progressive, so keeps upping the stakes week by week, but the rewards are magnificent when you actually do a run that is well within your ability and you get satisfaction and pleasure in huge doses when your body is acting like a fine machine achieving what was impossible just a few short weeks ago.

You will get there, honestly.

Well done b plodder, keep at it.

Thanks to everyone for your support, very much appreciated and good luck to all of you on your runs.

Wow! Well done you! Wish me luck for tomorrow, I'm right behind you lol

I really do wish you the very best of luck. You can do it - grit your teeth, take it steady and go for it! I'm sure you'll pull through.


Well done! I couldn't stop smiling at the end of mine...did R2 again yesterday and I'm feeling it today...


Well done BP we're still in this. yey

I see you got "the runs" again eh he.

Ooops! Didn't notice that :-) Glad I didn't know quite what was in store before I went for the run - 'the runs' might have been quite appropriate...!!


Woo well done!

Well done. I completed the programme a few weeks ago took me longer than 9 weeks, around 13 weeks. I am no spring chicken had not done any exercise before but love it and managed to run 10k a couple of days ago slow but did it took me about 1hr 20 non stop though. So keep going is the message I say to you your stamina will increase with practice. Well done again

Well done. I tripped over a dodgy pavement on my brisk walk back home. Note to self to keep an eye on the ground as well as what's ahead of me next time!

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