Longer break than usual, should I just carry on to week 5?

So I'm on week 4 & I've only got 1 more run to complete but rather than my usual rest day I've actually had a 4 day break this time ( I'm in the middle of moving house!) should I just carry on or repeat week 4? I have found week 4 difficult but I have completed it all so far. Not sure what my best option would be.

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  • I'd say - try it and see.

  • I would try and see how you get on, if you've been moving house you will have been very active I should think, not as if you've gone back to the couch and done nothing. Good luck.

  • Thanks for the replies, I will crack on & see how I get on. Definately been getting my own sort of strength workout lifting all these boxes& rearranging furniture so hopefully my fitness levels are still ok ish! Well see.

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